HiStoryInn Guest House is situated on Gurko Street – one of the must see historical sites in the medieval capital city of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. The beauty of Gurko Street is painted by the multitude of houses arranged in the form of amphitheater – an architectural landmark dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Here each building bears its unique spirit of history, on top of its central location in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo on one hand, and close to the banks of Yantra River on the other hand.

HiStoryInn Guest House is right next to the Museum of Revival and Constituent Assembly and just a few blocks away from the symbol of the town  – the palatial fortress Tsarevets. Just parallel to the house, across the main street lies the entry to the renowned market street of crafts from the past – Samovodska bazaar – another favorite place for tourists to hang out.

The thing that makes HiStoryInn Guest House so unique is the undisputable historical proofs that it served as a refuge to shelter and harbor the great Bulgarian revolutionary Vasil Levski also called the Apostle of Freedom. In one of the room on one of the levels of the house there was his hiding place in the ground which was also a tunnel used to escape from the house to the river.

Rich on history, authentic, cozy, completely renovated and comfortable from strategic point of view – this is what HiStoryInn Guest House is about. Please, feel welcome!

Hristo Ivanov-Golemia (The Voivode, The Bookbinder) lived here. One of the most remarkable figures in the Bulgarian revolutionary activity, most faithful associate of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski, head of the Secret Police, a MP in the VIth Ordinary National Assembly (1890-1893). Vasil Levski occasionally stayed in this house and his hiding place has been preserved to date. After the hanging of the Apostle, Hristo Ivanov-Golemia continued the ideas of his associate.

In 1984 a life-size bronze monument of Hristo Ivanov-Golemia was erected in the square left of the house.